A bowXplosion

Traditional bowery and archery,  real bows´n arrows, no fake no!

I want this place to be a great place for sharing infos and experiences focused on traditional bowery and archery, real bows´n arrows, no fake no! Do we really know what a fake is?

I´ll post nearly every day some insights into my workshop, making bows, arrows,  into my bow- and archery- classes.

I´ll begin with posting the outstanding bow made of euonymus which its the origin and inspiration for to open this blog:


During a real hot day, the past July of 2009, my daughter and me were roving around the so- called Dinkelberg, a very magic hilly place with caves and lots of exciting thinhs to see. We both love to meet rare stones, plants and animals…we came across a thicket, many plums, hawthorns, cherry- trees, blackthorns, equipped with heavy barbes, we entered it carefully, another world,  we could feel fairies and elves around, my daughter heard a red kite or hawk crying and went for it. Suddenly I realized that I was standing just before a very old euonymus- tree, with a lots of dead branches……..my bowyers heart began to beat loud, I checked the branches, looked for the bows in them and cut the chosen branches, I got 2 almost perfectly grown branches and a highly reflexed one. The last one made me nervous from the first moment on……………… as usual I left some sage for to thank the old euonymus……. my daughter came back, she has seen a younger red kite crying sadly, I told her: maybe he´s still afraid of flying……………we left this magic space.  We went to the car, drove down to the city, where I left my daughter for her ballet- class.

Again and again I was looking at the treasures we´ve found, but the reflexed branch made me nervous, long enough for to make a bow with 50-55″ in length, material enough for  to make it at a 26″ draw, no knots, straight but a heavy grown reflex of about 8″.

I debarked the branches, noticed the wood yet being dry enough for just to begin a bow. I took my splitting tools and without any problems I could get 4 straight staves, a deflexed one, a highly reflexed one.

You can see 2 of these bows in the ” Euonymus! my favourite bow- wood”- article.

I worked the reflexed stave very carefully till it began to bend enough for to check its tiller. I designed it with the limbs as wide as possible, but with skinny tips for to get more speed. everything went allright, even the first bracing, but when I was on the way to draw the bow for the first time, all my courage was gone, I became nervous again……I did what I was usually doing when such a moment is arising: leave it for today.

Next morning, every courage was gone  when I looked at the bow, I decided to protect the back with one layer of sinew, just for safety! Maybe I did it for to delay the finishing of the bow, the backing´s drying time meant another 4 weeks recreation for my nerves.

4 weeks later my nerves had been recreated, the sinew- backing has enforced my courage to draw this bow further, I draw it at 20″……..wow……..it was working, but I looked for 25″. At that time a pupil(Andreas loves selfbowery, he´s highly gifted, I´m sure he´ll become a great bowyer) was doing his internship at my workshop, we both love to listen to blues or experimental rockmusic while making bows, we just listened to the Jon Spencers Blues Explosion, while I was trying to draw the bow again on the tillering board now till 22″……….it was working, no sounds of a sudden explosion……..I have to call this bow BOWXPLOSION……. Andreas  heavily agreed.

But for to be honest, it tooks me another 6 months to draw this bow at 25″.  Its draweight is 44lbs, 5″ of the reflex are still left after hundreds of shots. It shoots a 360grs. arrow at 152f/s.  I love this bow.

The painted back of the bowXplosion

BowXplosionunbraced                                                                                              BowXplosion at 22″

One thought on “A bowXplosion

  1. Thanks Zoran, nice to see you here too.
    I´ll not quit hornbows, but it is good to go back to selfbows again. Making selfbows means somehow more freedom in bow- making, more possibilities to make the bow you need, you like. I enjoy to try different woods, designs. Hornbows are so straight.
    I´m looking forward to your replicas of Serbian bows.
    By the way, Germany- Serbia 0:1, congrats……………..

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