Pics of my workshop

Today I just post some pics of my workshop, I did them today. Wintertime in the heights of the Black Forest. This winter turned out to be really cold, almost every night temperature falls to -10Celsius. Not as much snow as last winter.

But you can feel the upcoming spring, since some days the animals are obviously very active. And I had been in the woods looking for some black locust and maple for bow- staves and burning wood for the next winter.

On the pics you see the inside of my workshop, our small farm- house, at the right side of the entry to my workshop is the great cave for our handicapped magpie Elliott, he is the honey of our family. Always lucky and trying to imitate our human language. You should visit him, he talks almost to everybody. If he can´t stand someone he started to cry very loud and terrible. So he is the perfect guard for our house and my workshop. For to be honest he hates people wearing uniforms………………….

My workshop is the former hen- and pighouse of our old farm. It was a lot of work to convert it into a bowyers- workshop. with enough space to do bow- classes with 3-5 participants. It was necessary to renew the roof with completely isolation, to make a fireplace with a  new chimney,  to plaster the walls,  to lay out a new wooden floor, to make windows…………………I´m a former cabinet- maker and so I could do a lot of this work by my own. With the help of some friends it was worked out and since almost 2 years I´ve my new workshop. Even with a small exhibition space and my office ( this is the place, where you´ll find me never, I hate doing paperwork or accounting work).

bows and shield
more bows and persian cane shield
our farmhouse
farmhouse with the cage for magpie elliott, workshop at the left
inside my workshop
our farmhouse january 2010
vorderheubronn 2
bows on the wall
small exhibition in my workshop

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