How to splice bow- billets Vol.2- 1plus1plus1=1

When winter has just gone I usually check out the woods nearby searching for trees or thicker branches died by cold or the heavy weight of the snow. 2 years ago I came across a dead blackthorn- trunk with only 2″ in diameter, the straightest and clearest blackthorn I´ve ever met. Usually blackthorn is growing very snaky, laced with small knots and barbes.  But too short, from its bottom up to the first branching it measured 40″. As soon as I realized the staves shortness, I got the solution of the problem: split it lengthwise, w- splice the halves. Cause of the limited thickness of the stave I would end up with a bow measuring 1″ at most in thickness. To less for a non- bending handle section, at least 11/4″ are required. But for to get a 50- 60lbs flatbow with 62″ in length I would get by with one half of the split measuring 36″(62: 2 plus 5″ for the splice). So there was a piece remaining I needed to add at the belly- side for to get the handle thick enough.

split it or cut it with a saw- the offcut is for the handle

Usually I split a stave like this with a bandsaw, but I preferred to split this premium- blackthorn with the bandsaw for to avoid any risk. I w-spliced the halves according to the instructions of Vol.1 and added the xtra- piece.

w- spliced blackthorn- additional piece added- fadeout wrapped with linen

I´ve inked the add and the outlines of the splice. For security I´ve wrapped the fadeouts with linen. The bow is not ready yet, I´ll have to do some tiller- work, anyway I´ve done some shots, it feels like to be a very fast bow. I´ll update you.

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