Scythian bows- short update fall 2010

Stephen Selby, the founder of the ATARNet, has recently taken part at a meeting of archaeologists, historians……. for to discuss the excavations of xianjiang. Look for: yanghai bow

There´ve been Scythian- style bows, with a similiar curvature to the saka bows of shanshan, but done in the usual hornbow- manner: horn as belly, wooden core, sinew- backing.

The yanghai- or subeixi- bow technique is not the only way to make a Scythian bow, as I thought it to be and some ” strongheads” are repeating it again and again.

The subeixi bow- technique was obviously predominant from 800- 200BCE, the excavations of the more “usually” done Scythian bows are related to 1200- 800BCE.

So, the Scythians had been aware of different techniques to make bows, there had never been any “one and only Scythian bow”.


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