BowXplosion 2011- miscellaneous news

I´m deeply impressed by the “revolutions” in Tunisia and Egypt, first network revolutions?

There are much more important topics than self- bowery?

The power of the social networks is such great, I don´t know it exactly, but traffic on blogs is increasing heavily too. Whereas the traffic on forums is running down, it´s a pity but my favourite bowery – forums- PALEOPLANET and ATARNET- are going down.  Maybe people have had enough of the always pro and contra debates and the so- called chief- arguers.

The books of Don Tapscott are very enlightening the understanding of social networks and the web 2.0. Here is a link to a so-called digital native

That´s exactly my experience when running bow- classes with kids

A great blog to go is elfshot

This is the blog of the Canadian archaeologist Tim Rast, he´s above all a flintknapper and specialized in reproductions of the Arctic and Subarctic.

James Harrod of the Originsnet gave me a hint to the most exciting report focused on arrow- making of Amazonian Indians, I´ve ever read. Go for the Journal of  Anthropological Archaeology, Vol. 30, “Ontoloy of the self and material culture: arrow- making among the Awa´hunter- gatherers”, no way to set a link, google it. The article is telling how an arrow is related to the human body.

Next bowXplosions will be Vol. 4 of bow-staves, sinew- backing the crossbow, next volume of Making bows of green wood and Vol.1 of nothing else than “The perfect bow”!

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