I hope you´re as curious as I´m always, I follow almost every new thing dealing with traditional bowery and archery, sometimes I´ve the impression “new” is the capablity I appreciate the most. Beside bowery I´m hunting for news dealing with the Web 2.0, very modern rock- music, Mother Earth wisdom, recipes for making bread, cakes, desserts with chocolate and icecream………..I´m always looking for the thing called zeitgeist

So news of the bowXplosion blog are the things happening all around the year somehow concerning the blog, like announcing new articles, bow- classes, pics of our farm and the landscape around…………………….maybe a new design for the blog.

This has happened just some days ago. Now I use the wu wei-  wordpress theme. The theme is made by Jeff Ngan and I liked it at once. I feel very confident with the philosphical aspect of wu wei : to activate or non- activate, that´s it when making a wooden bow, when shooting a wooden bow……….that´s life itself.

Do you notice the very light background of the blog now? It is an old pic posting a caravan drifting by in the foreground, the outline of mountains in the background, all happening in a desert. I converted the pic almost to its invisibility, but it´s still there.

News……………today, 8/10/2010

The bowXplosion is a global blog, most of my readers are living somewhere around the world and will never make their way to my bow- classes. Anyway every now and then their are some guys driving a long way to join in. From Spain, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands……….Within 20 years I´ve done bow- classes with a total of about 5000 people, that´s quite a lot and I would never have missed this experience.

I guess these guys are all driven by a search for something unique, simple or primitive, maybe they are all longing for a more that means less…………..small is beautiful?

In my classes you could meet a diamond or a gold dealer, an attorney, punks………………all they are sweating till the bow and the arrows are ready to shoot. There is no class distinction for to make the dream of a selfdone bow coming true.

I enjoy my classes very much. There is one thing topping bow- classes with adults: bow- classes with kids, since some years bow- classes with kids are my personal affair. Maybe you can´t imagine to coach the so called net generation in making bows´n arrows the old way for a for one school year, it is so great, to see those kids cutting a bow- stave with a draw- knife or an axe…….ending up with pics like that:

bow- class at Hebel Gymnasium in Lörrach spring 2010

Or like that:

bow- class at Theodor Heuss Gymnasium summer 2009

The dates for the classes at my workshop in Vorderheubronn:

8th of October- 10th of October 2010

12th of Novemember – 14th of November 2010

3rd of December – 5th of December 2010

The new bow- classes in Lörrach and Schopfheim are beginning upcoming October


4 thoughts on “NEWS

  1. Lieber Michael,
    suche deine neue e-mail adresse u. erfolglos und versuche es mal über dieses Forum.
    Könntest du mir die Flachsschnur zusenden, die bräuchten wir jetzt dringend.
    Schöner Gruß!

  2. Michael ,
    You are correct. The journey into the path of a bowyer is addictive-like a strong drug-but a healthy drug. There is no cure, but most of us look for no cure. With every bow made, and every arrow planed from a stick of wood, the addiction becomes more compelling. Bowyers are all related by that spirit, no matter what continent, race, or ethnicity.
    Keep up the excellent work!
    Oklahoma USA
    Home of the Cheyenne

  3. I was wondering about what makes for a good flight arrow as I make arrows and shafts out of leopardwood, red balau, mahogany, jatoba, Spanish cedar, maple, and Purpleheart. Some are lighter than usual some are heavier…some have interlocked grain.

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