I hope you´re as curious as I´m always, I follow almost every new thing dealing with traditional bowery and archery, sometimes I´ve the impression “new” is the capablity I appreciate the most. Beside bowery I´m hunting for news dealing with the Web 2.0, very modern rock- music, Mother Earth wisdom, recipes for making bread, cakes, desserts with chocolate and icecream………..I´m always looking for the thing called zeitgeist

So news of the bowXplosion blog are the things happening all around the year somehow concerning the blog, like announcing new articles, bow- classes, pics of our farm and the landscape around…………………….maybe a new design for the blog.

This has happened just some days ago. Now I use the wu wei-  wordpress theme. The theme is made by Jeff Ngan and I liked it at once. I feel very confident with the philosphical aspect of wu wei : to activate or non- activate, that´s it when making a wooden bow, when shooting a wooden bow……….that´s life itself.

Do you notice the very light background of the blog now? It is an old pic posting a caravan drifting by in the foreground, the outline of mountains in the background, all happening in a desert. I converted the pic almost to its invisibility, but it´s still there.

News……………today, 8/10/2010

The bowXplosion is a global blog, most of my readers are living somewhere around the world and will never make their way to my bow- classes. Anyway every now and then their are some guys driving a long way to join in. From Spain, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands……….Within 20 years I´ve done bow- classes with a total of about 5000 people, that´s quite a lot and I would never have missed this experience.

I guess these guys are all driven by a search for something unique, simple or primitive, maybe they are all longing for a more that means less…………..small is beautiful?

In my classes you could meet a diamond or a gold dealer, an attorney, punks………………all they are sweating till the bow and the arrows are ready to shoot. There is no class distinction for to make the dream of a selfdone bow coming true.

I enjoy my classes very much. There is one thing topping bow- classes with adults: bow- classes with kids, since some years bow- classes with kids are my personal affair. Maybe you can´t imagine to coach the so called net generation in making bows´n arrows the old way for a for one school year, it is so great, to see those kids cutting a bow- stave with a draw- knife or an axe…….ending up with pics like that:

bow- class at Hebel Gymnasium in Lörrach spring 2010

Or like that:

bow- class at Theodor Heuss Gymnasium summer 2009

The dates for the classes at my workshop in Vorderheubronn:

8th of October- 10th of October 2010

12th of Novemember – 14th of November 2010

3rd of December – 5th of December 2010

The new bow- classes in Lörrach and Schopfheim are beginning upcoming October

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